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You’ve most likely heard how metaverse brought new era of digital experience. Hanging out online, online shopping and gaming are taken to another level. Now, Slotieverse is more than just a Metaverse. It is a platform where you can have a full experience of going to Las Vegas. Without ever stepping outside, you can walk through the city of every gambler’s dream. Imagine gambling in some of the world’s most popular casinos without leaving your couch. Owning a Slotie Junior is your passport for visiting the first metaverse based casino. Stay with us to learn more about this interesting project.

What Is Slotieverse?

Simply put, Slotieverse is Las Vegas metaverse. This virtual reality platform lays on Ethereum, and predictions say it is going to be the future of online gambling. The whole point of Slotieverse is giving players such an experience that makes them feel they are in Vegas relaxing and having fun in the most attractive city in the world.

Slots are the most numerous types of games in Slotiverse, as the name suggests. But if you are a fan of other games, you can have fun too by playing roulette or blackjack. It is all done with Ethereum-based tokens. Except entertainment, you will have overall social experience once you enter Slotieverse.

Slotie Junior NFTs

Now it’s time for you to meet inhabitants of Slotieverse. Since casinos in this virtual reality will host events similar to ones in traditional casinos, every user will have his avatar. Their name is Slotie Juniors. They consist of 10,000 unique NFTs – non-fungible tokens. If you are not very familiar with those, Metaverse is basically built on NFTs – digital assets that represent real-world objects. You can buy them and sell online with cryptocurrency and each of them is a unique artwork. Take a look at one of our previous posts to learn more about NFTs.

Play Slotie or Online Casino Pokies?

There appear to be many reasons why you should give a chance to Slotieverse and Slotie Juniors. Apart from travelling to Las Vegas from your couch, there are other benefits as well. In Slotiverse, you get your own space and possibility to play in tons of different casinos in those called Slotie Junior districts. Namely, they are the hottest area in this metaverse. Free spins and bonuses on slots are reportedly there for Juniors as well. Players will be able to play games and get EHR status. It’s short for Exclusive Holder Reward and having that status helps you to get extra rewards. It’s similar to VIP program in online casinos with one important difference. Yabby’s VIP program has already proved to work and reward your loyalty, skills, enthusiasm.

Be free to do your own research on this topic and see whether it looks amazing. This project raises interest, and we are looking forward to seeing where it goes. Until you find your way around SlotiVerse, we call you to join one of the most generous among online casinos. Yabby is always here to offer a lot of games, great promotions, and great VIP program. Join us to take advantage of the modern graphics and functionality to the max.

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