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Just recently we had a big discussion during lunch break, which inspired this article. The text before you is not necessarily related to online gambling. We know that it is complicated to explain the allure of gambling but let us try. If you take away the entire potential of gambling, is there anything else that remains as the magnet? The way we see it, there are a few possible answers, and if we missed something, feel free to share your thoughts. The biggest motivating factor could be the chance to seize the opportunity. Or odds, or lady luck, whatever you wish to call it. The other could be the sense of belonging to a gaming community. The feeling of being in control, or having fun… What drives you?

Odds as the Motion Fuel

The question of odds is forever popular. We covered it extensively through many topics on our blog. It could be that the elusive nature of odds makes them hot. In other words, people like mysteries, challenges, playing with destiny, or luck. Some may say that chasing odds is a silly thing and that you can never win. What they don’t know is that odds do not rely solely on luck. A player’s skill is an important integral part of odds formation. This especially applies to table games, such as blackjack or poker.

So, if we take this is true, it is understandable why some people consider odds (including their skills) to be the biggest motivating factor. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the results of your efforts. Well, perhaps, grabbing the rewards as a result of a single click on the spin button can match the excitement. Either way, odds attached to each game can be the biggest drive. Just this one more time… because I can rule the odds, can’t I?

What Drives You – Money, Fun or Control?

Now we are talking, you may say. It’s all about the money. Time is money. Sadly, health is money nowadays, as well. Money is what makes the world go around. Also, money talks, remember? And everyone listens, right? 

Today, we would like to hear your thoughts. Is it really so? Imagine a casino is not a casino, but a random place where you come every day to claim some money which may or may not be given to you depending on someone’s good will or their impression of you.  Would you enjoy it? If we take away the fun playing part from the equation, as well as the control you have over your skills – the drive inevitably decreases. Deserving the reward makes us worthy.

Apparently, humans strive for meaningful actions. We may regard different actions as meaningful, but one thing remains. Senseless doings make us empty and depressive. There is no money that can substitute the feeling of finding a purpose. Or is there? You tell us.  

Sense of Belonging

“No man is an island”. This cannot be truer. We love the fact that we belong to this great family of professionals. Each of us likes that he or she is part of the much bigger community of people worldwide. We all love sharing good vibes and celebrating your winnings, your birthdays, or weddings at this side of the team, holidays, afterhours, etc.

On the other hand, when you play, you probably share the impressions with your friends, or fellow gamblers on forums, etc. You may have even picked up a good advice or two or learned some tricks from other players.

Therefore, can we say that interaction is what motivates us to keep on going? Personally, I can relate to this point of view. What drives you, for God’s sake – was the question someone asked recently. After giving it a thought, I concluded that I could collect the money and even calculate the odds in both life and playing online, but that is not what makes me get up in the mornings. It is the feeling of being part of this crazy pack.

What drives you?

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