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Did you know that the tradition of celebrating New Year’s Eve started almost 4000 years ago? Yes, even people in ancient Mesopotamia organized rituals and festivities to welcome the new year and new opportunities. New Year’s holiday is probably the most celebrated one in the whole world. You can imagine how many different customs, ceremonies and traditions are there! And today, we will be talking about the most interesting ones!  

New Year’s Eve and How It All Started

Well, no one knows how it actually started. Which is expected since we are talking about thousands of years ago. As mentioned, the first records of New Year’s celebration are found in Mesopotamia. Back then, people celebrated this holiday during March and their gods were the focus of all the rituals. And this tradition continued until the ancient Romans, or until Julius Caesar started following the solar year. That’s when we started welcoming the New Year in January. Romans were giving presents to God Janus, who was seen as looking back at the old and ahead to the new year. This gave birth to the popular concept of transition from one year to the next.

Interesting New Year’s Eve Traditions Nowadays

Nowadays, New Year’s holiday is celebrated all around the world. And essentially, it is all about saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming the new one. It is about new chances and opportunities. People look forward to a fresh start, so they can start over and work on their goals and resolutions. However, in different countries there are different customs which are believed to bring good luck. And here are the most interesting ones.

Wearing Red Underwear in Italy

This one is well known, and it is also present in other European countries. In Italy, red color is associated with fertility and luck, and people tend to wear any red piece of underwear to attract good events and adventures.

Eating 12 Grapes in Spain

12 grapes for 12 months. This tradition appears to be over 100 years old. Most recent findings show that this started as the mocking of upper classes who were imitating the French tradition of having grapes and champagne on New Year’s Eve. But these are just guessing. Either way, the tradition is still alive and Spanish people take it seriously. The consumption of grapes jumps during the last days of December!

And another interesting tradition including fruits and vegetables is present in Columbia and Greece. Greek people hang onions on their doors, and in Columbia, if you want to be lucky, you should put potatoes under your bed. Some Columbians also walk around their blocks with empty suitcases, to captivate adventures and travel opportunities.

Watching the Ball Drop in United States

Millions of Americans gather in their homes or on the streets and squares, where they watch the ball drop exactly at midnight each year. This tradition started at Times square and now remains one of the most popular around the world.

Spending Time at Cemeteries in Chile

Well Chile, this one is chilly. But the idea has a great purpose. New Year’s Eve gatherings are held at cemeteries so people can spend time with their deceased family members and friends.

First Footing in Scotland

If you want luck in the New Year, then make sure the first person who enters your house is a dark-haired male. Since Scotland was invaded by Vikings, the last thing they wanted to see was a light-haired man with an axe. And that’s how the first footing tradition was born.

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