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Online Sic Bo is the game which is often unjustifiably forgotten. Majority of players prefer pokies. Hence pokies are usually in focus of our attention. Nevertheless, some games have become iconic. Perhaps the reason is in a fact that this game stays below the radar, so to say. It is still played quietly. Most of the players who play it regularly, are dedicated fans of the game. With its rich history, simple rules, and the fun it provides, online Sic Bo deserves our attention.

Online Sic Bo Origins

Sic Bo originates from China. Reportedly, Chinese workers have brought it to the USA. However, the game did not gain popularity among the natives instantly. It took some time, but when it caught its roots, it became one of the widely popular games that eventually entered casinos. However, it was not before 2000s that Sic Bo became well known in Europe and Canada, for example.

Sic Bo is interesting to play because of the simple rules and the possibility to place smaller bets. Basically, online Sic Bo comes down to choosing the bet, predicting the number outcome and rolling the dice.

Online Sic Bo Basics

As we said above, the rules are simple and similar to other table games. Nevertheless, this particular game has its own attractive sides and specifics.

First of all, the game is played with three dice. Players have the task to predict the number that would come up, as well as the set of numbers and the total of the three dice. Also, players place bets which have various payouts. Placing multiple bets is possible.

What is unique for Sic Bo is that dice always remain “in the cage”. In fact, croupier is in a possession of dice all the time. However, in online Sic Bo players get to handle the rolling themselves.

Sic Bo Table

Sic Bo table has a layout which may seem like a lot to take in at the first glance. However, once you start playing, it quickly grows on you. Here are some of the most frequent signs you may come across:

Single – refers to a single bet meaning you can bet on a single number which you think may appear as a result of rolling at least one dice.

Double – referring to betting on a number which may appear as a result of rolling of two dice.

Triple – referring to betting on the outcome in which the result on all three dice will be the same number.

Total – referring to placing a bet on the total of three dice. Here, you can bet on numbers in the range 4 to 16.

Sic Bo Bets

Having in mind bet options explained above, we can discuss smaller and bigger bets and payouts. If the result of the rolling are numbers in the range 4 to 10, a smaller bet pays out. In case the result of the rolling are numbers in the range 11 to 17, the big bet pays out. Wagers pay out 1:1 here. Keep in mind that the payout is low when the odds are high. Lower risk is always in co-relation with smaller payouts.

On the other hand, if going for the bigger wins is your goal, consider placing bets on several areas on the table. When you combine bets, you may experience some losses at first. However, when you hit the win, the payouts are worth the trouble.

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