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How often a slot will trigger the win is the question of all questions. I bet everyone would wish to know this. Busting the myth of pokie’s hit rate would be essential to making several winnings in a row, rocking the reels, being in the zone. Before I get too carried away here, we should announce the topic of the day. It is Pokie’s hit rate and everything you thought you knew about it. We are revealing some of the most common misconceptions when it comes to the pokie’s hit rate, or frequency. Fans of the most dynamic casino games, hear this out!

Pokie’s Hit Rate Explained Briefly

The term itself represents the frequency at which the slots or pokies pay out. If you are interested to learn how often you would be able to grab the winnings while playing a certain slot, pokie’s hit rate is the information you are looking for.

You would be glad to know that it does not depend on many of the external factors. One less of a worry for those control freaks among you. On the other hand, there is a limited number of factors that anyone can control in gambling, and slot’s hit rate is completely uncontrollable.

Deciding Factors

So, what affects the pokie’s hit rate, you may wonder. If you have been paying attention, we wrote extensively about the random number generator which is at the core of every slot machine. This means that the outcome of every spin is completely random although it has a certain mathematical logic as its foundation. Nevertheless, the number of possible outcomes measures in millions, so it is virtually impossible to bust the system.

Another deciding factor is luck, naturally. Now, this is the factor that you can potentially influence. Try lucky charms, or your own little lucky rituals. And don’t let us start about the lucky symbols. There are a plenty to choose from among the variety of RTG slots which we host. Luck may appear as completely abstract category. However, casino is one of the rare places where luck shows its true potential. Still not convinced? Try visiting the “winners” section on our blog. It features stories about many of our players who came to know luck at its best.

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The Myths About Slot’s Hit Rate

While the RNG may seem like an elusive factor, it is the only factor that has basis in reality. On the other hand, we have seen numerous myths flourishing as a result of the often-unattainable jackpot in a slot game. Obviously, it is easier to blame the weather than bad luck, or lack of skills if you are playing the table game. Not to mention the strategy when playing some of the casino classics. So, what are the frequent slot’s hit rate myths?

Casinos Temper With the Hit Rate

This is one of the oldest casino myths. If anyone can do it it’s the casino, right? Well, don’t rush into conclusions. At the first glance, casino may seem like the party that would benefit from lower pokie’s hit rate. The less money you pay out to players, the more profit you make. However, this myth overlooks the crucial point. Image is everything in the casino industry. Word of mouth travels fast and there is no serious business in this industry that would allow this type of a mistake – even if it were possible to temper the RNG.

Pokie’s Hit Rate Is Higher at the Entrance

The myth about higher hit rates on slot machines near entrances or exits relate to brick-and-mortar casinos. No one can really pinpoint the event that gave rise to this myth, but the story caught roots and launched a myth which is difficult to break.

As it happens, there are situations when slot machines positioned as explained above deliver big wins. However, these hits are again absolutely random. We understand that it is more interesting to give this story that special conspiracy flavour, but sometimes the things are very simple. Even if casinos could arrange for higher hit rates on these machines, it would not be beneficial in the long run. Imagine all those players wanting to spin the reels only on those particular machines. Other machines would suffer as well as table games.

Bigger Bet Means Higher Hit Rate

This is far from truth. Wagering bigger amounts do not influence the frequency at which the player can hit the winning. Again, the RNG is at work here with a pinch of luck.

But higher bets have other advantages, such as influencing the size of the winning amount. This is one of the main perks of the big bonuses which players can use on daily basis. Sometimes even twice a day. Speaking of which, have you checked out Casino Yabby’s Easter month promotion? You can grab up to 101% no rules bonuses! It means no wagering requirement and no max cash out!

Are Pokie’s Hits Predictable?

After everything said above, only one conclusion comes to mind. There is no way you can predict the slot’s hit rate. On the other hand, this is precisely the beauty of the game. The random strike of luck, some money you can win on the side, all packed in great fun.

Pokies are even more attractive when played in a bet safe casino. Yabby handles your deposits and withdrawals instantly and safely. Moreover, Yabby also rewards you more frequently than you expect. That is perhaps the only rate which you can predict here – to snatch freebies daily and in bundles!

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