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Hello dear players! Today we at Yabby Casino are coming up with a new topic designed just for you – NFTs, and not just NFTs, but NFT podcasts. Stay with us and find out what is trending in this world and what channels are the best ones to get some info. Nevertheless, podcasts have truly become the mainstream IT thing in the past decades. So, keep up with us and find out more about NFT podcasts!

NFTs for Newbies

Let’s start from scratches! What are NFTs in the first place? The answer is a non-fungible token! Maybe some of you understand what that means, but a lot of our audience are newbies to this world, so a further explanation is needed.

A non-fungible token is something that you cannot replace with anything else. So, for example, you can change a dollar with another dollar, and you will get practically the same thing. Fungible tokens are identical to each other, while NFTs cannot be exchanged or traded at equivalency. This gives an opportunity to people all around the world to transform their assets, precisely their digital art, into something that can be easily tradeable on the blockchain. Who knows, maybe NFTs are going to change the crypto world!

PROOF podcast

Let’s start with podcasts that can help you understand the subject better. First on the list is the PROOF podcast. If you want to join this collective, you need to hold PROOF collective NFT. What this membership includes? Some of it is early access to the PROOF podcast which brings various NFT artists, both some of the up-and-coming as well as the industry icons.

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NFT Talk Show

This podcast helps you get in touch with all the related NFT content info. It brings both news as well as how-tos on a lot of various topics from this department. Plus, there are a lot of exciting interviews with NFT artists and collectors.

Two Bored Apes

The next on the list is the Two Bored Apes podcast. This one is famous for its short episodes about 2 minutes long. Yet, the listeners of the podcast are saying that they are enjoying every second of it. Additionally, the Two Bored Apes hosts Jamie and Roy, also known as Zeneca in the NFT space, are part of the reason why the show is getting so many followers.

NFT Catcher Podcast

And, finally, NFT Catcher Podcast! During this show, its hosts are focusing on market dynamics and ways to turn a profit. Allegedly, this podcast is perfect for the newbies to the NFT world as well as seasoned NFT traders.

We hope that you find this post informative and useful. Of course, we are familiar with how hard it is to find secure information on the web and that is why we are bringing diverse topics to you. Nevertheless, visit our Yabby Casino and enjoy our digital artwork. It can be better than NFTs!

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