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Now I am not going to be the first person to tell this but sure there is a lot of Chinese… mythology-inspired RTG pokies. There are like 1,2,3 … 21 pokies! So we will be dividing this into 3 parts with each part hitting it off with a popular Chinese game. And if we are going to talk about Chinese slot myth then there is only one that can open this. It’s has produced the most winners in the history of this casino. Let’s take a look at the generous grandpa of Chinese inspired RTG pokies, Plentiful Treasure!

Plentiful Treasure and God of Wealth Slot Myth

The Symbols

Where else to start with Plentiful Treasure than with the treasure? So the wild symbol is called the “boa” which means well, treasure. We’re off to a hot start, guys! But, the other symbols have some awesome substance behind them, that’s not so readily obvious.

Uf, almost forgot. The tripod, also known as the Ding was used in shamanic rituals, in prehistoric China. To honor their ancestors, of course. Neat. Slot myth approves. But, the biggest question is who are the four jackpot dudes? Let’s go from the smallest to the biggest.

Plentiful Treasure play now

The Four Jackpots

The mini is represented by the laughing buddha aka Budai. Now, he’s technically not the buddha but an incarnation of the future buddha, but who cares? He’s a buddha in training, so fat buddha it is. Also, he is like a Santa figure being that he is obese and carries a bag. But, his bag is empty and you get enlightened instead of gifts, and only if you rub his belly. Cheapskate! On the minor jackpot, we got our boy Laozi rocking his signature peach or plum (sources vary).

Now, his whole thing is Wu Wei, which is basically going with the flow, which he invented, so, props. He also lived with his mom until 62. Sorry, let me rephrase that, his mom was pregnant with him for 62 years! Talk about attachment issues.

God of Wealth

Representing the major jackpot it’s the one but not the only God of wealth aka Caishen. Also, this ticks off the God of wealth slot, because I said, so. Now, why not the only, well because there are like 20 different flavors of the God of wealth. There’s a god of wealth for people under 30, over 30 plus a God for retirees and even us, gamblers. The coolest thing about this guy is his iron-into-gold transform and that his ride is a humungous Black Tiger. Plus, his boss is the Jade Emperor himself, so he is pretty high up there. Speaking of which…

The Grand jackpot is reserved for the big kahuna himself. He’s stylish, he’s mean, but most importantly, he is kind of green. That’s right, it’s the highest celestial being in Chinese mythology, the Jade emperor. I mean what is there to say? He was a very nice person, who helped people in his life and was granted the governance of the universe. Easy. Now for something a bit different on slot myth.

Kung Fu Rooster Slot Myth

Now, Kung Fu originates from India and was brought to China by a monk named Bodhidharma in 5th-century AD. I mean, he also brought Buddhism and some medical practices but who cares about that? Google some things Shaolin monks do and be amazed by human resilience and energy. And energy is what Kung in “Kung Fu” stands for, so let’s keep it high! That’s all well and good, but what about the chicken in the image who practices this fine martial art?

Well, chickens were domesticated 8000 years ago, so they predate Kung Fu by a couple of millennia. That’s plenty of time to learn Kung Fu and take over the world! I kidd. But, there is a style in Kung Fu called Xing Yi (rooster style) which boils down to slapping people. Add to that the rich history (6000 years) of rooster-fighting (no, shame on you!) and the slot inspiration is obvious. Plus, Kung Fu Panda was popular. I guess. To the next slot myth!

Kung Fu Rooster play now

Three Kingdom Wars Slot Myth

Ah, yes. The romance of the three kingdoms is a classic novel filled with brotherhood, betrayal and bloodshed. It makes Game of Thrones look PG. Many manly tears were shed in writing and reading (800,000 words, haha, nope) it, and only 30% is made up. That’s right kiddos! Most of the stuff in the book happened.

But let’s go back a bit. China has had this tendency trough out its history of dividing itself into pieces every two or three centuries or so, at the worst possible times. The Three Kingdoms is the first big break-up for the country. That’s probably why it’s remembered so vividly. (Single tear emoji).

Three Kingdom Wars play now

Now, I’ll sum the events of the period in a sentence and a half. China breaks, there are many warlords, then there were three, who’s it gonna be? It’s some fourth dude who makes it whole. But, you know what else is whole? A whole lot of advantages of playing pokies at Casino Yabby. Even Kung Fu Rooster’s moves are no match for the speed of our instant withdrawals. So, play some pokies and know your winnings are protected by the God of Wealth himself (And Casino Yabby.)

Slot myth out!

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