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The internet has brought a lot of modern and interesting things to us, and online gambling is just one of them. From the earliest days of humankind, gambling was a regular kind of fun. Even more, there is material evidence that suggests that people have been gambling since the Paleolithic period, before the written history. Yet, with the progress of technology, new kinds and types of games of chance have arrived. In this post, we are going to revise the origins of online gambling, so clear your schedule and stay with us. We promise you a wild ride!

How Did Online Gambling Start?

Online gambling got its swing in the early 90s. Quickly, it started to get a wider audience, and the first online gambling event that was opened to almost everyone happened in the October of 1994. At the same time Microgaming, which is one of the industry’s largest software providers was starting to expand.

Now, when we look at the past events, we can say that Microgaming is one of the biggest companies that revolutionized gambling online. Even more, this company is still one of the most trusted software providers in the internet gaming industry. Additionally, it can back up all the types of online gambling games.

Today, online casinos are the representatives of online betting places. With each day online casinos are becoming more and more accepted in the world. Nevertheless, the mobile phones industry also progressed quickly and that is why online gambling sites had to adapt to the design and conditions of phones as well. Yabby Casino has done everything to be available to you on any device!

Famous Online Games

There are various types of games that are at your disposal in online casinos. You can choose from slot games, table games, video poker, and live dealer games. We are always trying to enhance our services and work in your favor, so we are constantly bringing you brand-new games that developers have made for all the gambling lovers.

We can promise you the real-life experience from the comfort of your home and what’s better than that! With our hot promotions and all sorts and kinds of bonuses, you will have more chances to try various games that are on our menu for you. Also, you should know that, if you are a beginner, there is a sign-up bonus that you can check.

Find out more about what we have to offer and try our new slot game Hyper Wins!

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Online Gambling Future

You must be asking yourself, what is the future of online gambling? The answer is clear, the future is very bright! The online world is becoming stronger and stronger and with the rise of cryptocurrencies, the chances are that the online gambling industry will be on the top!

Crypto is perhaps the best thing that has happened to the online casino industry. This type of virtual money gives you an opportunity to make a real profit. Crypto is fast, completely anonymous, and with the possibility of instant withdrawal at the Yabby Casino great win is already smiling at you! A lot of different crypto deposit methods are available for our players so check them out on our blog!

Let’s make the future of online gambling even brighter than its history. Visit us and try your luck because you are the creator of your own destiny!

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