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Bitcoin is important in online gaming, as it facilitates both depositing and withdrawing the money. Cryptos are the reason why players are able to start playing quickly and get their payouts instantly at our bet safe casino Yabby. However, the question of securing the Bitcoin at your end is important as well. In the past we wrote about handling Bitcoin in many ways and we even tackled the topic of storing it. We especially covered the topic of Mobile Friendly Bitcoin Wallets. This time, we explore the latest trends. These are the best Bitcoin wallets in 2021.

Why Crypto Wallets Are Important?

So far, many of you have experience with handling cryptos. Nevertheless, many still use crypto exchanges for storing their virtual money. Since it is 2021, you may consider taking greater control over your assets, and try using some of the following Bitcoin wallets.

It is not easy to say which crypto wallet is the best one. It depends on several aspects and your own preferences. You might want to decide whether privacy is your absolute priority. On the other hand, there are wallets that promote the best accessibility or support from multiple platforms.

The Bitcoin wallets which we reviewed here rely on private keys. Therefore, you should explore this topic to make sure that you store your passwords safely. Also, these 2021 best Bitcoin wallets are constantly connected to the Internet. On the other hand, if you prefer Bitcoin Hardware Wallets, browse our blog for more information.

Wasabi Bitcoin Wallets

When it comes to Bitcoin, Wasabi may be the right choice for more experienced users. Wasabi is an open-source wallet available for Windows, macOS and Linux. Its main advantage is in promoting privacy. This wallet is focused on storing Bitcoin only, which many believe is its disadvantage. However, Wasabi ranks high among the best Bitcoin wallets in 2021.

If you had the chance to look into the matter of crypto wallets, you may have come across the advice to store the data offline, as it makes them more secure. In that respect we may consider Wasabi to be prone to hacking. However, Wasabi reportedly proved to be reliable and one of the bets Bitcoin wallets. Here is why.

How Wasabi Wallet Works?

Wasabi Bitcoin wallets rely on the process called CoinJoin. As the name suggests, it combines BTCs from several users and process them as a single transaction. The processing hides the IDs and runs them through Tor, which allows for hiding of the IP addresses. This is important to all the users who value their anonymity and privacy.

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Electrum Bitcoin Wallets

Contrary to the Wasabi, Electrum Bitcoin wallets are easier to use. On the other hand, Electrum relies on servers to verify the transactions. It also means that the users do not need to download the Bitcoin blockchain. Alternatively, the users should connect to the server, which is where the transactions are made. In that way, you will save some space on your local drive.

Electrum wallet has been launched in 2011. It is available for use on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android. Interestingly, you can use it as a cold storage, for receiving funds only, or keep track of your balance.

How Electrum Works?

Once you first launch this app, the password is created which contains 12 words. From this password, you generate the keys to handle the Bitcoin transactions. It is important to know that you need to store this 12-word password securely, as you may need it in the future in case of another installation on another device.

Furthermore, anyone would advise you to encrypt the wallet while setting it up. The reason is that Electrum wallet connects to servers for payment processing, which in theory can make it vulnerable. Nevertheless, as they claim “Electrum servers are decentralized and redundant. Your wallet is never down.

Whatever Bitcoin wallets you prefer, and there are many of them available, we advise you to keep your keys offline, securely stored. Moreover, make sure to use your cryptos wisely at bet safe places, such as crypto casino Yabby.

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