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Craps is a very popular game, mostly because it’s easy to play. Seems that it all depends on rolling the dice. However, even if you know craps basics and bets, you can make mistakes that can cost you a big win. Before you start playing craps at crypto friendly casino Yabby, learn more about the most common mistakes craps players make.

Making Bets Without Knowing The Odds

Craps offers a lot of wagers, which is another reason why it is so popular with players. Seeing so many options to bet, inexperienced participants think they might have a chance to win no matter what they stake their money on. 

Certain craps prop bets have house edges ranging in the double digits. That could be a bad thing for losing craps players when they realize that there are so many other, better wagers they could have played. To avoid this unpleasant thing, it is better to be familiar with the odds before you start rolling the dice.

Hedging Bets For More Profits

Most amateur craps players think that by hedging their bets, they can make sure to win something per every round. It sounds good and might even work out rarely, but the main problem is that there is no plan to overcome the house edge.

Players often don’t look at their long-term odds of winning and end up losing more than they profit.

Playing Too Fast

Playing craps at the bet safe online casino, like Yabby casino is, has some benefits. One of them is that this is all done quickly. It means that you can play far more rolls in the same amount of time.

However, it could be your biggest mistake while playing craps online. Namely, the only thing that playing craps faster does is risk more money. Slow down so you risk less money.

Now, when you know what you should avoid while playing craps, start rolling dices at bet safe casino Yabby!

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