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I don’t know about you but all this cold weather makes me a bit of an indoor person. So, I put a sweater or blanket (or two) on, get some hot cocoa and play some BINGO! And if you too share my winter ailments, then come with me, and let’s see what Bingo is all about. And by Bingo, I mean safe and secure online Bingo, the only kind you should play anyway! Let’s jump out of the gate (number 8) and see who the lucky winners going to be (number 63)!

What You Should Know About Online Bingo

Well first of all let’s see what kinds of bingo there are then what are some differences with the on-land version. The on-land version usually involves a 30, 75 (U.S.), 80 ball variation, and the marathon 90 (UK) ball variations.

In the 75 ball variations, you get a 5×5 card and the objective is to fill one of the 5 rows. This is the most popular version out there because it’s American (a bald eagle cries in the distance)!

90 ball bingo, on the other hand, uses 9×3 tickets and awards prizes only for horizontal lines. The Brits favor this one, maybe even over a cup of tea? I don’t know man I didn’t invent Bingo, I just write about it!

Now we have the middle child of the bunch, the 80 ball variant. With a 4×4 card and 16 squares, it strikes the perfect balance for which nobody cares. And if you say you care about 80 ball bingo, well then you are wrong. Kidding.

Finally, we get to the youngest and speediest of them all the 30 ball bingo. This one will wreck shop at the retirement homes in about 30 years time! That is when all the ADHD Millennials and Gen Z-ers start getting their hearing aids on.

The most important fact about online Bingo is that its numbers are generated randomly (RNG) by a computer. This means there is no way you’re getting cheated in the online variant, which can’t be said for the on-land one.

Now we got to move (number 42).

Do you play online bingo?

If you’re here, chances are, you answered with a loud “OF COURSE”! And seeing some records from the site Bingo is very popular and for good reason. It’s simple yet stimulating and it helps you have all the fun at your own pace. But if you don’t resonate with this then it’s your lucky day. You are in the legendary minority of people who haven’t played Bingo! Now let’s get you set up for your very first secure online bingo game! Let’s have some fun (number 21).

Where can we find free bingo games?

Now there are a lot of bingo games and bingo like games out there. Bingo like games, what are those? Well for one there is Lotto but that’s just Europeans being Europeans. But Bingo’s half-brother and the greatest nemesis is of course Keno! Let’s see if Keno can give us more (number 24)?


Keno is similar to Bingo in that you just pick a few numbers and if you hit 2 or 3 of them you win! How much you need to hit depends on how many you picked at the start. So, for example, if you picked let’s say 3 numbers, and wagered a dollar, then you have to hit at least two numbers to get the dollar back. Yet, if you hit all three and you can get 40x that!

The prize money goes up to the 9th number, 50000x if you hit all nine! Just like online Bingo, online Keno uses RNG to generate its number combination. This of course keeps the players safe from being cheated. But some sites might withhold your rightly earned money or might take them a long time. So, what should you do to make your first secure online Bingo experience, one to remember? Let’s move straight on through (number 82)!

Keno play now

Where can you play online live bingo and win real money?

Okay, we are talking about your very first secure online bingo game. So where should you go for your first time? Well, there are a lot… Nah just kidding. There is really only one place to play online bingo. It’s Casino Yabby, the crypto casino with a nautical twist! Casino Yabby is among the rare casinos in which, when you win, you can withdraw your winning in a matter of seconds. I believe this is what they call, instant withdrawal! Add to that 24/7 and professional support and every Bingo game (be it number 1 or 100th), will feel like your first big win!

PS: A job well done (number 41).

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