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Playing Keno is fun and easy. Many players believe that the only skill it takes is to know how to choose the right numbers. Nevertheless, there is more to Keno than it meets the eye. Although we will reflect on the matter of number choices in this article, we will put other topics in focus. For example, the payouts and odds, jackpots, the combinations, etc. These are Keno tricks you should know to master your gameplay and grab some of the big wins at crypto casino Yabby.

Keno Tricks in Short

There are a few basic tricks, or should we say, tips, which you should acknowledge if Keno is your game of choice.

First of all, online Keno is way more favorable than the Keno which is played in land-based casinos. Moreover, Keno is not the only game that has better odds online. Think of Blackjack, for instance. Online odds cannot compare to the standard ones. The reason is the fact that online casinos have significantly lower house edge than the brick-and-mortar ones. Therefore, you are at the right place.

The same as slots, Keno also runs on RNG. The random number generator delivers unpredictable results. However, RNG must have some kind of mathematical logic in the background. Hence it is usually a challenge for dedicated players. Beating the machine is never easy, but when it happens, it makes the efforts worthwhile.

Learning how many numbers to bet on is simple and can help you in the long run. We will discuss it in more detail in the paragraphs below.

The Payouts

If you play Keno just for fun, you probably will not pay a lot of attention to the payouts. But if you are into it for money, payouts are the first thing you should check. There are no Keno tricks here. Everything should be transparent.

RealTime Gaming’s Keno is the game in which you should pick up to 15 numbers to bet on. Playing has never been so easy. In this game, you basically do not need to do anything for the first 10 rounds. The machine does it for you. Naturally, you can also choose the other option to choose the numbers yourself.

Players are welcome to play with various coin sizes, from 25 cents up to $5. It has been estimated that the best payouts apply to the 11th pick.   This is when the top jackpot matches the higher picks but with higher returns.

Also, you should know that if you opt for the “Pick 15 game” the jackpot is the same no matter whether you get 14 or 15 matches.

Progressive Wins – Yes Or No?

Progressives are always worth the time and money invested. However, we do understand that sometimes players have doubts regarding the bankroll and how long it will last. The same as in pokies, progressive jackpot in Keno builds over time. A percentage from every bet goes into one prize pool which you can win randomly.

Should you choose to play for the progressive jackpot, make sure to check the betting requirements. Moreover, make a note of how large the jackpot can be for that specific variation. Then, you can compare it to the current jackpot and try to assess how much the jackpot still need to build before it triggers.  

The more you bet, the higher the potential prize. If you are a true gambler, you will try this out and let us know how it went.

Choice of Keno Numbers

Do you have your favorite numbers you always bet on, such as lucky numbers or significant dates? The odds say that this is a good road to go bust. This is probably the most interesting among the Keno tricks.

Believe it or not, consecutive numbers have the best odds at Keno. Not only that but the certain range of numbers have proved to be the luckiest. For example, they say that players have the best odds if they choose between 7 and 11 numbers. Alternatively, choosing between 4 and 8 numbers is a good choice as well.  

It makes sense when you come to think of it. Why bother with just 2 or 3 numbers when the payouts are low?  However, when you opt for more than 8 numbers, you have better odds of hitting at least 5 matching numbers.  

Get your strategy in order and start playing now!

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