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Holidays this year will be a bit different than the usual. For many people in the world Christmas Eve will mean staying at home alone or with limited number of people. Your family and friends can certainly make the holidays more fun and enjoyable. However, there is no real celebration without good food and drinks with wine being the classiest addition. French wine even more so. Wine on blockchain is the guarantee that the bottle you have just opened is of superb quality. IBM offers a way to track the origins of the wine from the vineyards to your Christmas table.

IBM Blockchain and Wine

So, you have surrounded yourself with positive thoughts and wishes for the upcoming year. The online games are there, bet safe Yabby’s Jingle Spin Christmas promotion  is on the go, delicious food is ready. One thing only is left for you to do – fill that glass with the tastiest wine possible. To know which wine to choose, blockchain can help out.

IBM blockchain-powered platform offers a way of checking the origins of each wine bottle that has been manufactured in Bordeaux, for example. IBM has teamed up with eProvenance and launched the VinAssure platform. The platform will reportedly run on IBM Cloud.

What is the Point of Wine on Blockchain?

However good a product is, customers like to be assured that the item they bought is the original and certified. VinAssure provides just that. It offers information on the production and transport processes to detail, as every step in that process gets recorded on blockchain and is immutable.

On the other hand, the wine makers can be sure that their methods  “are not undermined by supply chain errors, misinformation or improper conditions during transit”, as per IBM’s announcement.

Moreover, one of the benefits of placing wine on blockchain is to enhance profitability through cutting the costs in supply chain management and to increase the efficiency.

As you can see, apart from enabling the crypto transactions, blockchain has a much wider applications.

What Information Can the Blockchain Platform Provide?

In this particular case, VinAssure lets the users use the ID codes on bottles to get the info on the provenance of the product. Furthermore, the information also includes the so-called “flavor profiles” as well as the compliance with the best practices.

In short, the “wine on blockchain” information that the platform provides lets you know whether you have received the best possible product for your money. Or as Raj Rao, General Manager of IBM Blockchain Platforms has reportedly stated:

“Blockchain is the ideal solution for bringing transparency to a supply chain as complicated as that of the wine industry, which involves numerous participants and where needs vary depending on the destination of the shipment. Having an immutable digital record of transactions and conditions simplifies process and represents the future of moving sensitive goods. It also provides the end consumer with greater information that the wine they purchased tastes as the winemaker intended and reflects the immense care that went into producing that wine.”

Blockchain in Australia

We wrote about blockchain in Australia extensively in the past, covering the news whenever new information appeared. So far, we know that there is food on blockchain, as well as wine, and even energy. Yes, you can produce your own electricity and trade with it on blockchain.

However, the wide blockchain adoption is still debatable. As a quick reminder, Australia has a 5-year plan to introduce blockchain in many industries and our daily lives. The so-called “Australian National Blockchain Roadmap” aims for the plan to “progress toward a blockchain – empowered future in the next 5 years”.

Where Do You Stand?

This year, the world seems to be spinning faster than the usual, so to speak. Our reality has shifted and blockchain is apparently a part of that new reality. Whether it is for the better we will see in the years to come.

Nevertheless, we value your opinion and would like to know what you think about introducing blockchain to our lives. Wine on blockchain is just a small part of it.  Tracking the information on products, services, energy supply and consumption, finances, etc.  – all this can be done easily with blockchain. Do you think it will improve the quality of our lives?  

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