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Casinos provide the ultimate fun. Online casinos even more so, as players can have their dosage of excitement when and where they want to, enjoying the many promotions and bonus offers. Many casino games still puzzle the payers. Whether it’s the odds, or the doings behind the curtain, functioning of the casinos is still considered a highly interested topic. Today we are explaining a few casino misconceptions.

The Existence of Loose and Tight Pokies

This is one of the most frequently commented casino misconceptions. People who stick to it believe that there are loose pokies, or the hot ones, which have higher chances of paying out. Consequently, the tight pokies, or the cold ones, are those that are not likely to pay out any time soon.

There are few problems with this prejudice. Firstly, all pokies function on RNG. We wrote about the RNG in detail and invite you to explore this topic in detail.

Secondly, this misconception goes further and suggests that certain pokies have already paid out the pre-determined amount and are now active for the sole purpose of taking your money. As an answer to this usual casino misconception, we invite you to refer again to the paragraph above. Random number generator is the answer. There is no way to temper with pokies.

Therefore, let us remind ourselves that pokies are completely random. Nevertheless, there are pokies that occasionally provide significant wins more frequently. You can find the winning stories on our blog.

The reason why some pokies appear on winning lists more frequently could be their popularity which arises out of the certain feature.  Furthermore, some players like to stick to a particular pokie and hence master the game inside and out, perhaps developing their own strategy. If such a thing exists in pokie playing, that is.  

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Card Counting

Card counting is the most popular of all the usual casino misconceptions. First it was whispered about, then it was featured in movies, popular culture, online blogs, etc.

In short, card counting is not illegal. It is true that land-based casinos do not like to see players using this tactic. However, there is no law forbidding it. On the other hand, you should know that successful card counting demands extensive training. Not anyone can do it. But if you are willing and have patience, by all means – go for it.

In its essence, card counting focuses on the balance of cards high and low which remain in the deck. Once you can assess which cards are left in the deck, you know which bet to place.

Good thing about playing online is that you do not need to be an expert in card counting, because you cannot apply this skill in online casinos. Moreover, playing online has certain advantages. Blackjack players know it the best. The software shuffles the cards, making every hand the first one of the shoe. As for the payouts, these are usually better than in land-based casinos. More on this in the previous text on our blog titled Online Blackjack Advantages .

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Casinos Can Influence the Game Outcome

Believe it or not, this is still one of the usual casino misconceptions. As majority of you know, there is no way to influence the games with random outcome. Nor any other game, for that matter.

The most frequent comments relate to the house edge in certain games. However, house edge is not a secret. Players know the usual house edge of each game.

Furthermore, we always stress the importance of playing at bet safe casinos, such as Yabby Casino. Nowadays, there are crypto friendly casinos that can secure the fast and reliable payouts. Yabby Casino is one of them. We strive for providing some of the fastest payouts and the best live support in the industry. Online casinos are running their businesses through building their reputation. Tempering with the games, even if it were possible, would harm their businesses long term.

The usual casino misconceptions aim at everyone’s logic. Trust your mind whatever it may tell you. Above all, stay safe in these tumultuous times.

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