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Blackjack is a classic among casino table games. It is a favorite game of many players who like to keep their minds entertained and in a busy mode. Whether you count cards, or simply play for the pure joy of playing, Blackjack can provide excitement. Also, it is the game of money makers. Online Blackjack is especially interesting due to many advantages it holds over the land-based game. Let’s check them out.

Online Blackjack Advantages in Short

Apart from being dynamic and able to provide instant fun, online blackjack has some very specific perks that would be a shame to miss out on. For example, most online blackjack games have more player-friendly rules than the games in land-based casinos. This primarily concerns the payouts.

If you check the payouts at most of the online casinos, you will see they usually offer 3:2 payots. This is considerably more favorable than 6:5 payout which is a standard at most of the land-based casinos.

The house advantage in online blackjack is sometimes lower than 0.5%. Low house advantage means better odds. Players sometimes have hard time choosing a casino to play at. It is not easy to keep in mind all of the aspects that affect the odds. Make sure to check out the rules, the possible benefits that you can enjoy there, the possibility to double down on any total, to split up four hands, etc.

Blackjack at Yabby Casino

You made a smart choice when you decided to play Blackjack at bet safe and crypto friendly Yabby Casino. We host some of the best online blackjack variations.

European Blackjack can be considered a bit tight. However, it does allow you to double down on hands the total from 9 to 11. You will play it with six decks with no surrender option. The rule that separates this online blackjack game from the other is that the dealer gets the second card only when all other players have made their decisions.

European Blackjack play now

Matchplay 21 is an interesting variation of online blackjack played with 8 card decks with eights excluded. The decks get shuffled after each hand. Most importantly, Matchplay 21 has favorable payouts, such as 3:1, 3:2, 2:1 and similar. For more detailed explanation, refer to one of the previous texts, Match Play 21 and Its Advantages. Moreover, you can double down on any number of cards once and use the surrender option as well.

Match Play 21 play now

Perfect Pairs Blackjack gives you the opportunity to place a side bet called “perfect pairs” to improve the chances to win.  This bet is placed before the dealing of the cards. No matter what the dealer’s hand may be, the perfect pars bet is unaffected. Upon getting a perfect pair, the player gets a bonus.

Perfect Pairs play now

Pontoon is the online blackjack that resembles the traditional game very much. The advantage of this online blackjack game is that it offers a high payout once you achieve a Pontoon (21) – the hand that consists of an ace and a ten-value card.

Moreover, with Pontoon there is also the second-best hand, the so-called “Five Card Trick”. If you wish to learn more, there is no other way than to try it out!

Pontoon play now

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