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Can you beat casino games while using math? That is a million-dollar question, and we are not exaggerating. The answer is not black or white. Math can help, especially when it comes to knowledge of probability and calculating risk. On the other hand, math is not enough! Luck is still a great factor that influences the outcome of the game. So, we cannot say that casino games are beatable with math, but it is in your best interest to learn some math basics. It will help you enhance your game, believe us.

The Link Between Math and Gambling

The bond is strong! You don’t need to be a math genius but knowing some of the basics will help you advance your performance. We know that all of our players at the Yabby Casino are striving for the best and that is why we are bringing this topic to the table in the first place. Gambling cannot be predicted 100% but some of the math knowledge will help you manage your wins as well as losses in the best way possible.

Using Math for Online Casino Games

Online casino games are not much different than those games that you can play in the land-based ones. Consequently, this means that you can apply your math knowledge both to the online casinos as well as the regular ones. So, be ready to investigate mathematical principles a little bit and join in our Yabby Casino crazy train. We are offering you a wide range of games and all of them will be perfect for you, we are sure.

How Card Casino Games Work

The most popular card casino games are blackjack and poker. If you are thinking about what the link between blackjack or poker and math is, you have come to the right place. The link exists and the truth is – math can help you in developing the best gaming strategy that can take you to the top.

As you already know, card games aren’t based only on luck. Through decades, people have developed different strategies for both blackjack and poker. All these strategies exist to help you get the desired result. Yet, mathematics is the basis for these strategies. Therefore, skilled gamblers assess the risk of each round based on the mathematical properties of probability, odds of winning, expected value, volatility index, length of play, and size of the bet.

How Math Works in Non-Card Games

When it comes to the non-card games, things are a little bit different but not completely. For example, one of the most popular non-card games is roulette, both American and European. In this case, it is again important to keep in mind the statistics and probability. With knowledge of these factors, your odds of making a huge win will be significantly higher. In terms of roulette precisely, the event occurrence of getting a red number as well as a black number is the information you want to find out.

Also, math is used when it comes to slot games and slot machines. They work on the principle of randomness, as you had a chance to find out in some of our previous blog posts. But, what is the math behind slots? If you want to calculate the total number of possible combinations of symbols, you should multiply the number of symbols on each reel by the number of stops on each of the remaining reels.

Hopefully, we have answered the question – are casino games beatable with math, in the right manner. You will find this post useful, be sure of that. Nevertheless, we hope to see you at our Yabby Casino. May the luck be with you!

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