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We believe you must have heard about LCB, a reputable company providing information and reviews on many online casinos, aiming for the support of the overall gaming experience. If you are looking for legit online casino industry news, their web site is the place to visit. Interestingly, they have a special section on their site called “From the Players for the Players”, where Yabby Casino was put under the spotlight. As you may have guessed, they snooped to provide the objective first-hand experience from the player’s perspective. LCB tested Yabby casino as the crypto-friendly place, and we passed successfully. Below is a brief overview of their article. However, should you wish to read their personal account of the Yabby experience with all the details and screenshots, you can find it at this link.

The Goal of the Test

Being a serious brand, LCB tested the overall experience, focusing mainly on crypto instant payouts and verification process. As these aspects are at the center of every player’s attention, you may find their review quite interesting.

The main goal of this endeavor was to pass through all the necessary steps from opening the account, depositing, playing, communication with live support and finally – withdrawing the winnings.

We completely understand the players’ need to get their hands on the well-deserved money as soon as possible, with no hassle what-so-ever. Therefore, we are proud to be able to say that crypto casino Yabby is one of the rare bet safe casinos where your time and money matters. As you will see, the LCB tester witnessed our exceptional service.

The Overview of How LCB Tested Yabby

As we mentioned many times before, playing with us is fun and easy. LCB tester signed up at the casino on July 30th this year, providing the essential information. The tester claims that the casino had verified the account right after the email confirmation, which made the first step run smoothly.

Then the tester chose to deposit $200 in BTC, because depositing in Bitcoin allows players to simplify the withdrawing process in BTC. There is basically no KYC. Need we say that the Yabby team processed the deposit instantly?

Eventually, after playing some of the Yabby’s most popular pokies, the tester requested the withdrawal in BTC. After confirming the crypto address, the player received the funds within an hour.

Most importantly, the tester confirmed that Yabby Casino did not ask for additional docs or IDs. This is one of the main benefits when you both deposit and withdraw in BTC.

Games Played

LCB tested Yabby and its service in all aspects which are important to players. Selection of games plays an important role. Bitcoin casino Yabby can proudly say that we offer some of the best and most attractive RTG games in online casino industry. The LCB tester spun the reels on both most recent and the most popular slots. For example, one of the pokies was Lucky Catch which we introduced in July this year.

lucky catch play now

Know Your Tc & Cc

We cannot stress enough how important it is to know the “rules of the game” when joining any online casino. Therefore, allow us to remind you once again to stop by our terms and conditions page where you can find the answers to any question you may have.

If, after reading the terms you still have any doubts, you can always contact our live support team, the same way the tester did when checking whether $20 was the minimum withdrawing amount.

It is always better to ask in advance to avoid any misunderstandings. Luckily, our live support is one of the best in the industry and always eager to help.

Come onboard, you lucky people! Yabby provides treats on daily basis and can take you on an adventure of your lifetime. Make sure not to miss out on the best online casino experience confirmed by LCB, a trusted source for online casinos.     

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