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Pokie players have their own jargon associated with their favorite games. If you want to play pokies you should get to know it, but if you dream about becoming a skilled player, you should learn it all. We did our best to explain some of the most used words in pokie terminology.


While you are playing pokies whatever happens on the reels determines the outcome of your game. These are made up of several different pictures, known as symbols, and winning combinations will be displayed on the reels. Usually, online pokies have 5 reels, but some of them are 3-reel machines.


Simply put, paylines are the series of winning combinations that criss-cross the reels. Because of that, they are also known as betting lines or winning lines. The number of paylines changed during the years. The first slot machine had just one, but now there are pokie multi-payline games. Today, we have pokies with up to 1024 paylines and the number of them is written on the paytable.

Pay Table

This is one of the main parts of pokie terminology. Basically, it’s a graphic that informs the player what the payout is for and explains all of the possible winning combinations.

Bet Amount

The bet amount refers to how much is wagered on an individual spin. It will differ from pokie to pokie. Some games have specific limits on how much you can wager, but most of them will allow you to decide how much to wager.

Max Bet

The maximum number of credits that a player can wager on a single spin. In many land-based reel games, the max bet is three. In video slots, however, that number can be quite a bit higher.


There’s no doubt that multipliers are one of the best pokie features. It is not surprising when you know that they give you the chance to increase your wins. You could double or triple your wins and it is a really fantastic opportunity for you to scoop tons of cash! There are several types of multipliers and they are rare in base game spins, but much more common in a feature of free spins or bonus rounds.

Free Spins

The simplest way to define free spins in a few words is this – when you play pokies you can get to spin the reels for free for a number of rounds. Namely, you just click “Spin” and you won’t pay a single cent. The number of free spins you could get varies from game to game.

Scatter Symbol

Scatter symbol you can consider as your best friend since it will help unleash either winning combinations or bonus features. Landing on it means that you will receive a payout in different combinations.


This symbol is crucial to every pokie game. Wilds in pokies are the symbols that can replace all other symbols in a pokie, except the Scatter, in order to form a win. This very fact makes them powerful.

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