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Bitcoin has long become the part of our lives. Sure, we can still live without it. However, it can make our lives easier and more convenient in many ways. Particularly, if we spend a lot of time online, playing, shopping, or simply exploring new technologies and striving for inventive solutions. We all know that we can use it in online gaming. But what can you buy with Bitcoin, apart from betting online? Join bet safe Casino Yabby, as we explore the use of Bitcoin in real life.

Luxury Goods

Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies enable customers to buy various luxury goods. When we mention luxury, we usually refer to expensive cars, realty, watches, etc.

As you may already know, the leader in production of electronic vehicles is also the leader in allowing buyers to use Bitcoin. As a quick reminder, the owner, Elon Musk, reportedly bought $1.5 billion worth of cryptos and soon afterwards announced the crypto payment option online. Therefore, buyers in the US can now purchase their EVs with cryptos. Interestingly, Tesla purportedly holds Bitcoin without converting it to fiat currency.

Apart from Tesla vehicles, other luxury cars are also available for buying in cryptocurrencies. If you have the means and you are interested in some of the elegant, Italian-design luxury vehicles you can buy them with cryptos as well.

Virtual Private Networks

We all know that one of the Bitcoin’s primary advantages is in a fact it protects your identity. Therefore, it is not a surprise that many companies offering VPN services started accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment.

Before buying you should check the specifics, and ask around about the benefits of paying for this service in cryptos.

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Food, Clothes and Hardware

Some of the high-fashion retailers accept Bitcoin. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that there are retail chains accepting Bitcoin as well. So, Bitcoin is becoming widely accepted means of payment. Moreover, there are apps that you can use for shopping in fiat currency, where you can actually get part of the money back in cryptos. Google the offer and search for the services that partner with big retailers to have access to variety of goods and items.

Did you also know that you can shop for home tools and appliances and pay in Bitcoin? How about buying a coffee at everyone’s favorite coffeeshop and paying for it in cryptos? It is possible, because Bitcoin spreads like fire. The same goes for meals at many restaurants.

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What Can You Buy with Bitcoin in Australia?  

The weirdest things you can buy with Bitcoin in Australia include underwear, for example. Back in 2018 one of the underwear companies from Melbourne announced that they have started accepting Bitcoin. If there are any guys among you shopping for underwear and paying for it in Bitcoin, let us know if this is still true.

Another interesting case of Bitcoin use is paying for the service in fitness centers. Are there any ladies from Melbourne paying for the gym with Bitcoin? Let us know.

Apart from paying for everyday errands and items, people from around world were given an opportunity to pay for travel services in Bitcoin before the pandemic started. We hope that we will get back to our regular lives sometime in the future, and that we will travel again. With that thought in mind, make sure to check whether the travel agency accepts Bitcoin.

The Best Use of Bitcoin Online

If you are reading this, you already know what the best possible use of Bitcoin online can be. Yes, it is online gaming. Here, at bet safe casino Yabby you have the opportunity to both deposit and withdraw the money instantly, in Bitcoin. Moreover, crypto casino Yabby has a special offer if this is the first time you are depositing in cryptos. Check it out!

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