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All the fans of dice shooting game know the thrill that every throw brings. So far, at bet safe casino Yabby, we talked about the Craps Basics, The Most Popular Bets in Craps as well as The Most Common Mistakes. The time has come to explore the Craps rules at the table. When playing Craps live you should be aware of the proper etiquette and the most common Craps rules. These apply mainly to placing the bets, the way of dice shooting, and a general behavior at the Craps table. Join us for a quick guide.

Craps Rules When Placing the Bets

Knowing how to place the bet is important because it makes the game run smoothly, and it shows respect for other players and the dealer.

First, you should know to place your bet before the Stickperson sends out the dice to the shooter. This is important because otherwise your late bet will be seen as proposition bet and the chips will be thrown on the table. This makes a mess and complicates the situation for the dealer in tracking the bets.

Next, when placing the bet, you should simply put it gently on the table and name it. As flow of the game is important, throwing the wagers causes interruption and slows down the game. Craps table should be “clean” at all times.

Physical Contact Rules

Respecting other players is crucial in every game. When you play at land-based casinos you may often find yourself in close contact with others. There are some unwritten Craps rules that you should know.

For example, you should avoid any type of physical contact, such as handshaking, patting on the back, sitting, or standing too close to someone. On the other hand, you should keep an open mind and “go with the flow”, so to say. If you are a beginner to the casino world, observe what others do and you will quickly learn how you should behave at the table. Craps rules are generally easy to follow.    

Craps Rules About Dice Handling

In Craps, it is all about shooting the dice. As gamblers often like their little rituals, certain games have included some of those usual small movements as rules to some casino games. There are a few Craps rules regarding shooting of the dice. In short, here they are:

  1. In Craps, you should throw the dice with one hand. There is no flipping the dice from one hand to another.
  2. When throwing the dice, you should do it gently. This is also one of the common Craps rules that you should follow if you want to be seen as a person who knows his or her game. In Craps, you do not throw the dice, you gently toss it.
  3. The dice should always be within everyone’s sight. If the dice gets anywhere off the table and not visible to all, it can happen that the casino staff asks for inspection of the dice.  

Tossing of the dice is in focus of this game, and therefore, many professionals have paid a lot of attention to the style. Moreover, some of them, such as Frank Scoblete, for example, have even made their own classification of the shooters depending on the way they handle the dice.

Devise Your Own Tossing Style

According to the above-mentioned classification, the player who controls the dice shooting is called the rhythmic roller. This way of controlling the dice apparently says a lot about the player’s overall attitude towards the game.

Those who “read” others’ gameplay, say that precision shooting originates from a lot of practice. It relates to correct holding of the dice and throwing it with the minimum friction. Also, these players reportedly know how to avoid the bets such as hard ways, the horn, the field, etc. They mostly place small bets on other players, such as a small Come bet or Pass Line bet.

Being a dice-controller, or a rhythmic roller demands time, effort, and a lot of practice. Do not waste time. Try it out now at crypto casino Yabby!

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