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The objective of the "Endurance Rumble" Tournament is to be the last player remaining by making daily deposits and accumulating the highest number of points.

To win the Tournament, participants must maintain a daily deposit of at least $50 throughout the Tournament period, starting from 5th until 30th of September.


Qualifying players for the Tournament are individuals who have made at least one deposit since 1st of March until 5th of September.

Eligible players must make a minimum deposit of $50 every day during the Tournament period.

Participants will earn 10 base points for each successful daily deposit. Additionally, they will receive 1 additional point for every $1000 wagered on deposit with bonuses or 3 on bonus-free deposits during the Tournament.

Points will be accumulated throughout the Tournament to determine the player\'s ranking on the leaderboard.


If more than 20 players remain at the end of the Tournament, the prize pool of $5,000 in cash will be equally distributed among the top 20 players who successfully maintained the daily deposit requirement.

Players who miss a daily deposit during the Tournament will be automatically removed from the leaderboard and will not be eligible for prizes.

Rewards for the Tournament will be distributed within 3 days after the Tournament ends. Winners will be notified via email.

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