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gambler’s body language

How to Read a Gambler’s Body Language

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It is a question whether knowing how to read people is a gift. Personally, I consider it a to be a kind of a curse. People lie in general. They either hide less meaningful facts, or bend the truth just a little, or lie big time. Either way, there is not a person in this world who has not lied at least once.

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Pokies and Their Appeal

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You may ask yourself what makes pokies and their appeal so mesmerizing. Well, we like to think that it is the fact that anyone can play them. A person does not need to be a skilled player or have any kind of deeper knowledge of slots in order to try the luck.

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Bitcoin advantages

Bitcoin Advantages Facts

By Casino Life 3 Comments

Bitcoin has taken the world by storm and continues to keep steady. Regardless of the occasional bear periods, Bitcoin and blockchain technology have already made an irreversible impact on our societies and the way we run businesses or invest money.

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